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BHS Bobcat Service, Inc.
BHS Bobcat Service, Inc. Services
We perform complete land clearing services, from reclaiming your back yard and fence lines to clearing trees, shrubs and any type of foliage.
At BHS Bobcat Service, Inc., we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. 

We provide a variety of services including:
Getting down to the roots! In many cases, there is just as much under the ground as there is above the ground.  Root raking ensures that what you have removed will not return.
A few ways we can help with dirt work are trenching, building pads, driveways, side walks, drainage, swells, etc.  If you need fill dirt we can bring it in, whether it is to level your land or site prep for a new building.
BHS Bobcat Service, Inc. performs heavy underbrush mowing of tall grasses, small trees, shrubs and plants.  We can clear land for a fence installation, mow a pasture and even wooden areas.
We will safely and efficiently demolish and remove a variety of structures, such as sheds, fences, pools, etc.  Also, we perform concrete removal.  If you need to remove your concrete driveway for new pavers or your old swimming pool deck, we can do it!
We will haul all materials for all your landscaping needs such as rock, stone, mulch, etc.  Also, BHS Bobcat Service, Inc. offers debris removal and site cleanups.
We will trim, prune or remove your trees.  We will try our best and consider every option to preserve your trees, sometimes due to poor condition or inappropriate location removal is simply the best option.

Also, we will grind your tree stumps safely, leaving a smooth surface for your future landscape plans.  A tree job is never really complete untill the stump is completely removed.
Land Clearing
Root Raking
Dirt Work/Grading
Bushhog/Underbrush Mowing
All Types of Hauling
Tree Work/Stump Grinding